Accountant Job Description

We're looking for an Accountant to oversee, track, and assess day-to-day financial operations. Accountant is responsible for establishing financial status through the development and implementation of systems for collecting, analysing, validating, and reporting data.


As an Accountant, you will need to:

  • Overseeing the daily activities of the accounting department and ensuring that all major projects, month-end, and year-end reports are completed accurately and on time.
  • Maintaining accurate and complete financial records and participating in audits or reconciliations, as needed.
  • Evaluating, developing, and improving department controls, systems, and procedures that increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Ensuring that all accounting processes align with regulations and current financial legislation.
  • Analysing financial data and creating reports for management, stakeholders, and external parties, such as vendors or lenders.
  • Assisting other departments as they develop strategies, establish objectives, and make decisions that could have a financial impact on the business.
  • Keeping informed about the latest developments in the finance industry.

You will need to have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or related field.
  • Experience in Management, Accounting, or a related field may be preferred.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills.
  • Strong understanding of accounting, finance, and management principles.
  • Exceptional math skills.
  • Proficiency with computers, especially bookkeeping software, and MS Office.
  • High level of efficiency and accuracy.
  • Willingness to comply with all local, state, federal and company regulations.
  • Attention to detail and the ability to analyse large amounts of data.

The ability to speak a foreign language is an asset as you will be dealing with overseas clients.

Kategoria Ekonomi, Financë, Kontabilitet
Skadon 28/05/22 (Ka skaduar!)
Orari Full Time
Lokacioni Prishtinë
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