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Dear Applicants,

USAID’s Justice Matters activity is seeking applications from qualified local Non-Governmental Organizations – NGO for projects that will focus on strengthening informed demand to improve legal literacy and empower citizens, especially vulnerable individuals and groups, by providing actionable legal information, leveraging existing information platforms, and activating a network of CSOs, grassroots organizations, and young people to deliver information. As a result of these interventions, citizens will have access to better information on their legal rights that is actionable enabling them to seek the enforcement of those rights within the justice system. In, addition, through this RFA disadvantaged and marginalized groups will benefit integrated services that address their legal and non-legal needs through innovative ideas for free legal aid service delivery.


Under its Country Development and Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Kosovo has identified “Improved Rule of Law and Governance that Meet Citizen’s Needs” as its first Development Objective. USAID’s Justice Matters Activity, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) began in June 2018 and aims to improve access to justice for all, inclusive of disadvantaged and marginalized groups, by strengthening systems and services for legal aid and legal information. Justice Matters strengthens systems for legal aid service delivery, increases supply of quality legal aid services, and increased informed demand for legal aid through three inter-connected objectives:

  • Strengthen the Capacity of Kosovo’s Legal Aid System
  • Enhance the Quality and Responsiveness of Legal Aid Services
  • Strengthen Legal Literacy and Citizen Empowerment

Justice Matters activity assistance for grantees is based on two thematic areas:

Youth-led literacy initiatives targeting vulnerable communities Anticipated results under this theme include:

  • School based education activities for future “educators”;
  • Local street actions and town halls facilitated by clinics students and high school students;
  • Traveling students of Justice Matters legal clinics for legal information, advice, assistance with complaint drafting, etc.

Innovative ideas for free legal aid service delivery

Anticipated results under this theme include:

  • Idea form approach for innovative concepts for free legal aid service delivery;
  • New ideas that use technology or other means to facilitate legal aid service delivery;
  • New ideas of working closely with other agencies that provide social and support services to disadvantaged and marginalized groups, in achieving more integrated services that address their legal and non-legal needs.

Application Review Information

Grants will be awarded on the basis of a competition in response to a published RFA and a two-step RFA procedure will be used:

  • Submission of a concept paper, together with a cost estimate and basic supporting application information.
  • Applicants submitting a successful concept paper will be invited to submit a detailed application for a potential grant.

Evaluation of applications submitted during the open grant competition round will proceed as follows:

  1. Justice Matters activity issues a RFA.
  2. Justice Matters activity organizes an Applicants’ Conference.
  3. The Program receives concept papers and basic supporting application information, including, but not limited to, information enabling the Justice Matters activity to vet the organization on the Special Designated Nationals (SDN) List.
  4. The Justice Matters activity conducts initial evaluation of submissions (administrative and organizational compliance, eligibility, vetting on the SDN List).
  5. The Justice Matters activity vets applicants using the SDN List.
  6. Eligible organizations are invited to submit full proposals within the prescribed deadlines. Proposals will include necessary supplementary information, including the accounting questionnaire.
  7. The Justice Matters activity reviews the accounting questionnaires and other financial data submitted and evaluates financial management capacity of applicant organizations.
  8. The Justice Matters activity works with applicants to finalize all aspects of proposals (programmatic, financial, etc.).
  9. The Justice Matters activity announces awards/non-awards.

Application Submission Information

The full proposal package can be downloaded at:

The Concept Paper must be submitted in both hard copy and electronic copy at the following addresses within the deadline for submission. No applications will be accepted after the closure time and date. Failure to submit both hard copy and electronic copy within the deadline will result in immediate disqualification.

Three (3) hard copies of the Concept Paper must be submitted by four (4) o’clock in the afternoon on March 15, 2019 to:

Attention: Justice Matters activity-2019-001-Grants

USAID’s Justice Matters Activity

Andrea Gropa, 98/1, 10000 Pristina


One (1) electronic copy must be submitted by email by four (4) o’clock in the afternoon on March 15, 2019 with “Justice Matters activity -2019-001-Grants” as the subject line at


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