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Business Consultants Council (BCC) in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Innovation and Training Park (ITP) in the name of German Government, have launched the latest executive program of professional trainings on Digital Transformation, for managerial positions of individuals running a consolidated business or a start-up business, as part of the project "Digital Transformation as a guide to empowering SMEs and Start-Up Businesses".

The main goal of this project is to strengthen the role of start-up businesses and SMEs, as variables in the development of the business climate. By understanding the different needs of these two groups, the project will support improving the digital capabilities of start-up businesses and the digital transformation of SMEs.

1. Activity I: Professional Trainings Cycle:

The Digital Transformation Executive Program of Professional Trainings aims to:

Address and deepen the knowledge of executives and managers of existing and start-up businesses about the development of Digital Transformation roadmap, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media, IT and Data Protection.

This program will be structured in advanced training under the lecture of internationally certified experts for Digital Transformation and is based on the curricula of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), incorporating the knowledge and the latest trends about Digital Transformation.

The format of the trainings will consist of lecture modules by field experts, individual assignments, research and preparation for case studies.
After the training, participants will have the opportunity to use mentoring sessions to finalize the preparation of case studies.

The Trainings will be held in-person at the Innovation and Training Park in Prizren, where for 3 weeks during the period January 25 – February 11, participants will attend 6 days of training.

A program with the value 700 EUR, you will benefit from it FREE OF CHARGE and get certified at the end of the program.

2. Activity II of the Program:

Selected participants who successfully complete the training cycle, will be certified and will be part of the mentoring phases, visits at successful Kosovar companies in order to promote networking and cooperation, will have access to the Digital Transformation Conference that will be held in national level, and their profiles will also be published in a promotional brochure.

3. To be part of this program, the business representative must meet certain criteria:

• Be committed to participate in all trainings that will be held in person
• Have an executive profile: director, owner, manager of a business
• The business must be registered in Kosovo for more than 1 year, conform Kosovo’s legislation
• Express motivation to become part of Digital Transformation and show interest in enhancing digital skills and abilities.

APPLY now through the links:

The Call in Albanian:

The Call in English:

The deadline to apply is 21 January 2021.

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