Service Delivery Manager

Sutherland is seeking an attentive and goal-oriented person to join us as a Service Delivery Manager. We are a group of driven and hard-working individuals. If you are looking to build a fulfilling career and are confident you have the skills and experience to help us succeed, we want to work with you!

This position requires a sound balance of solving for client customers, the client, program financials, and employees. Under the SDM umbrella, the candidate will oversee and be responsible for KPI performance, staffing/capacity planning, training, operations, quality, reporting, and employee engagement.

Service Delivery Managers in this role get to:

  • Coordinate and communicate Contractual metrics and key deliverables with all Service Delivery Managers in each location;
  • Ensure contractual metrics are met;
  • For any contractual metrics which are not meeting targets, ensure action plans are developed and implemented by the respective account managers in each location;
  • Plan workforce for each location based on the locked forecast and look-ahead;
  • Coordinate all conversations and deliverables with the client;
  • Hold weekly meetings with the stakeholders in each location to discuss action plans and the status updates;
  • Hold weekly meetings with the silent stakeholders to discuss deliverables and action plans;
  • Share best practices and learning from different locations to benefit others;
  • Work on continual improvement projects for all locations;
  • Streamline processes between the locations to ensure EMEA operates as a unit;
  • Keep internal stakeholders updated on all happenings in the EMEA project.

Our most successful candidates will have:

  • Similar experience in a leadership role is a mandatory such as an Operations Manager or a Service Delivery Manager;
  • Excellent knowledge of English;
  • Very good knowledge of German;
  • University degree;
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills;
  • Willingness or skills for a customer-oriented job;
  • Precision, loyalty, organization.

To apply send your CV to

It’s not just a job, it’s your career.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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