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Call for applications to provide - Training on Public Procurement and E-Procurement for the Ombudsperson Institution

Titulli: Call for applications to provide "Training on Public Procurement and E-Procurement for the Ombudsperson Institution" 
The "EU Support to the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo", an EU funded project and implemented by DAI Global Austria GmbH & Co KG has the pleasure of launching this Call for Applicants from registered Companies or Organizations who are registered and operate legally in Kosovo to deliver a two-days training on Public Procurement and E-Procurement to the officials from the Ombudsperson's Institution in Kosovo based on Kosovo's relevant laws and by-laws governing Public Procurement and E-Procurement. 
All the details for the Application are provided below:
  1. Background

 An EU-funded project “EU Support to the Ombudsperson Institution” managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo (hereinafter the Contracting Authority) and implemented by a Consortium led by DAI Global Austria Gmbh & Co. KG, (hereinafter the Consultant) will support the Ombudsperson Institution (OIK) to strengthen its capacity to increase and impact effectiveness in promoting and protecting the human rights and fundamental freedoms. The direct beneficiary of this Project is the Ombudsperson Institution.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:
  • To support the Ombudsperson Institution to effectively protect and promote the human rights, and fundamental freedoms of citizens by enforcement of institutional capacities and introduction of new tools and methods;
  • To support the OIK for awareness raising among general population, public authorities and civil society on the role of the Ombudsperson Institution in promotion and protection of human rights
  1. Description of the assignment
This activity will contribute to the strengthening and enhancing the capacities of the OIK Administration and Professional staff to conduct procurement activities (including e-procurement), including managing the contracts concluded between OIK and contractors. It falls under:
Activity 1.1.b: - Conduct regular trainings according to specific needs of professional staff of the Ombudsperson Institution and
Activity 2.2: - Training for the staff of Administrative Services as well as the rest of activities of the Result 1 and Result 2, will be implemented by taking into consideration the current priorities of the OIK related with capacity building of the OIK staff, both the administration and professional staff likewise. The aim of these result areas is to support the OIK to expand capacities and knowledge of OIK professional and administrative staff.
During the needs assessment, the training on procurement and e-procurement was identified as one of the priorities of OIK staff. At the recent meeting with OIK Secretary General, this training was singled out as very much needed for OIK administrative staff and in particular for officers from the professional staff of the OIK since they are involved throughout a procurement activity. The topics they need training about include the following:
  1. Planning the needs for supply, budget and conducting the procurement activity;
  2. The role and the functions of the request’s unit, procurement’s unit and the chief administrative officer in the budgetary organization;
  3. Rules and technical specifications/service for the tender dossier;
  4. Examination, Evaluation and Comparing of the Tenders – the role of the Committee and the procurement unit;
  5. Activities related with the Management of the Contract – the role of the contract’s manager and of the procurement unit
Officers form the professional service are involved throughout a procurement activity, when they plan for one, the role they have to play when a request is submitted for a procurement activity (specific Department for a specific activity), preparation of the technical specification for the tender dossier; evaluation of the tenders when they serve as members to the Evaluation Committee for a specific tender and when they manage the awarded contracts.
The training is planned for two-days.
The assignment will be jointly supervised and managed by the Ombudsperson and Head of Department for Cooperation, Promotion, Reporting and Awareness Raising, and the project team, in particular the TL and DTL to ensure that the inputs from the team and the assignment contractor are coordinated and meet the requirements of the beneficiary.
The purpose of this concept is to provide support of the project in organizing and delivering training on procurement and e-procurement pursuant to relevant Kosovo's laws and by-laws, by engaging a professional procurement company/organisation to hold the training.
The training should cover the following topics:
  1. Planning the needs for supply, budget and conducting the procurement activity;
  2. The role and the functions of the request’s unit, procurement’s unit and the chief administrative officer in the budgetary organization;
  3. Rules and technical specifications/service for the tender dossier;
  4. Examination, Evaluation and Comparing of the Tenders - the role of the Committee and the procurement unit;
  5. Activities related with the Management of the Contract – the role of the contract’s manager and of the procurement unit
The training is for the participants who have responsibilities in the procurement procedure. It would be for anyone likely to be involved in any process of a procurement activity as provided under topics above, but not limited to only the respective topics.
The objective of the training is multi-fold; it should ensure that the participants are be able to:
  1. Better understand procurement procedures, including e-procurement;
  2. Better planning and conducting procurement activities;
  3. Better understand personal tasks and obligations related to participating in a procurement process, including e-procurement, including rules and technical specifications for the tender dossier;
  4. Better understanding in examining, evaluating and comparing tenders;
  5. Better understanding of the contract management process;
  6. Ensure avoidance of irregularities in the procurement procedure, including e-procurement;
  7. Apply Financial Risk management
The training will provide participants with the knowledge how to plan, develop and prepare procurement request, how to initiate it, how to set up criteria (technical specifications); examine, evaluate and compare tenders and how to manage the awarded contracts.
The training will dedicate time in presenting and elaborating principles of Financial Risk Management.
The participants should understand their role in the procurement process throughout the whole procurement process and be able to identify possible fraudulent activity and ensure that they both react to these possibilities and protect themselves from “accidentally” enabling fraud to take place in procurement procedures. This applies for E-Procurement, too.
Training will provide an opportunity for the OIK to conduct procurement and e-procurement process better, including ensuring avoidance of potentially fraudulent activities and to receive better goods and services from the potential contractors.
Therefore, the EU-funded project “EU Support to the Ombudsperson Institution” is seeking to engage a professional company/organization to deliver the training on procurement and e-procurement to OIK staff, both from administration as well as the professional staff that are engaged in procurement activities throughout the procurement process. For that purpose, we are looking for a company/organization to develop the training materials on the topics as provided above and deliver the two-days training accordingly. Training should be practical and provide good examples from practice for each topic to the participants. 
  1. Timelines
Deadlines listed in the table below assume contracting is completed by 28 of December at the latest. Preparation work should commence as early as the third week of December 2021. If contracting with the company/organization is concluded after this date, the deadlines will be adjusted accordingly. The studies should be delivered and presented to the project by the following deadlines:
Duration of the whole assignment is 4 weeks. The expected commencement date for implementation of the assignment is between the dates 5 January 2022 and the completion date 19 January. The assignment is divided into 3 phases with the following general schedule:

Note: the dates are provisional and they can be adjusted according to the start of the assignment

  1. Scope and contents of the work
The selected company/organization is expected to prepare the training materials and deliver the training of procurement and e-procurement to the OIK staff based on the following scope of work and deliverables:
The company/organisation is expected to present the findings and the results of the training to the relevant OIK management agreed with project and beneficiary at a time agreed.
  1. Qualifications and requirements to the service provider/contractor
  • Experience in organization and delivering training to public officials pursuant to the relevant Kosovo legislation on public procurement and e-procurement implemented by OIK;
  • Experience in recruiting experienced and knowledgeable trainers with Kosovo legislation governing public procurement and e-procurement;
  • Advantage will be given to companies/organizations with experience with public Institutions;
  • Ability to produce transcripts and audio/video outputs from the training;
  • Ability to deliver training in suitable venues outside in Pristina and in Pristina;
  • Existence of qualified staff able to fulfill above mentioned tasks and demonstrated commitment to involve other national/international professional consultants;
  • Willingness to work in collaboration and under the supervision of the Project Team;
  • Excellent skills in spoken and written English; and a willingness to work in English and produce outputs in both Albanian and Serbian as required.
The successful bids will be selected based upon the following criteria:
  • Capacity to implement the project as laid out in the terms of reference /List of projects, studies, similar assignments/
  • Applications should provide background information about the organization and its suitability, by providing the CVs of key staff involved in implementing the assignment/List of Staff/
  • Budget as detailed outlined in Annex 1.
  1. Offer and payment Terms
The assignment shall be implemented by a company, or consortia of companies.
Each candidate will be required to submit the following documents:
Annex 1 – Proposed methodology - max 5 pages
Annex 2 – Qualification of candidate /list of similar projects implemented/ - max 10 projects
Annex 3 – Timeline of implementation
Annex 4 – Budget breakdown for both the development of the training materials and delivery of the two-days trainingNotes: Both budgets should include an extensive breakdown of costs by activity.
The activities will be closely coordinated, assisted and monitored by the Project Team members and will be reviewed by a designated Focal Point on behalf of the OIK.
The project team will also provide day-to-day project guidance and coordination. The draft deliverables reviewed by the project Team members and final approval of deliverables will be given by the OIK and EUOK.
Payments shall be made on approval of deliverables and divided into two (2) tranches given below:
Tranche 1: 30% on signature of the contract;
Tranche 2: 70 % acceptance of final results by the TL/OIK and EUOK.
  1. Application Details

Interested companies/organizations should express their interest and provide an offer by providing a proposal two weeks from the date of receiving the invitation. Interested organizations should provide a detailed methodological explanation of what type of methodology they will use for preparing the training materials and delivering the training. For organizations/companies, a one-page document listing the experience of the organization/company relevant for this work should be prepared.

Track record of previous work under similar methodology and quick turnaround in delivering the task will be considered an additional asset.
An email with your offer with a proposed budget should be sent to the Project “EU Support to the Ombudsperson Institution” at petrit.hysaj@oik-support.eu and copy to ivelina_dilovska@dai.com not later than 17 December 2021.

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