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Guesting Director


Job Title/Description: Guesting Director

The Ortus Club curates high-end executive knowledge-sharing sessions in the form of roundtable discussions. These in-person, or virtual events provide an intimate and confidential setting for senior decision-makers to discuss pressing topics that affect them and their business.

The Ortus Club's specialised approach to knowledge-sharing enables event guests to identify business solutions, share insights and challenges, and gain awareness on new trends and technologies in their industry. The "invite only" nature of Ortus events ensures each discussion is kept relevant to all those who attend and provides guests with valuable networking opportunities, used to foster new b2b relationships.

We are looking for talented and ambitious Guesting Directors to conduct intensive research and invite guests for our C-Suite knowledge-sharing discussions all over the world.

As Guesting Director, you utilise large data sets to identify and attract top decision-makers, and act as a bridge to solidify relationships between those in the executive level.


  • Conduct research and collect data (such as guest names, contact information, job title, etc.) using various resources to generate leads
  • Invite potential and existing guests based on participant profiles given by the client (this includes emails, cold calls, etc. 
  • Identify and approach key opinion leaders to moderate our discussions
  • Work side by side with other departments to ensure that project content is relevant and attractive to our target audiences
  • Work in a team to share knowledge, experience, and any useful information to ensure project success


  • Data driven and analytical 
  • Fluency in English with impeccable grammar
  • Basic knowledge on tools such as: Google Sheets, Slides, etc.
  • Great attention to detail
  • Impeccable work ethic and high level of energy
  • Preferred 2-3 years work experience in any business related field
  • Willing to work a shifting schedule depending on the needs of the client
If interested please send your resume/CV to 
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