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Local Company to Develop a Child Friendly Web Platform


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Local company to develop a child friendly web platform to enable learning and engagement of child-led groups in decision-making processes for matters impacting them

  1. Background

Save the Children is the world's leading independent organization for children. We work in around 120 countries to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Save the Children International in Kosovo/a works through direct interventions, and establishment of best practices; capacity building of civil society and local duty bearers to respond to the needs of girls and boys. It also advocates for legislation and policies to incorporate inclusive practices and establish financial mechanisms to support systemic responses and therefore achieve long-lasting positive changes for all girls and boys.

The project “Regional CSO Strengthening 2017-2021”, implemented by Save the Children in Kosova/o and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) is a regional replication of its sister project in Kosovo, which aims ensuring children's protection through establishment of responsive Child Protection (CP) systems and supporting Child Rights Governance (CRG) systems and mechanisms to be put in place regionally, namely in Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia and Macedonia.

These efforts are mirrored in the main project objectives: 

  • Children are protected by a responsive child protection system, supported by a strong legislation.
  • Systems, structures and mechanisms for implementing children´s rights are in place in program countries and governments are including CSOs’ and children’s’ voices in these processes.
  1. Scope of the Assignment

Save the Children International in Kosova/o is seeking a local company to develop a web platform that will enable learning and engagement of child-led groups in decision-making processes for matters impacting them in all programme countries (Kosovo, Moldova, Macedonia, Ukraine, and Serbia). The aim of this web platform is to provide children with a space where they can learn about child rights and have access to tools and resources such as research, guides on child participation and engagement of children in campaigning activities and activism for matters that affect them such as education, health, environment and climate change. The platform will also be continuously updated by Save the Children and partner organizations with new information, reports and other relevant updates in the field of child rights in all programme countries.

  1. Expected Deliverables

The project website should contain various sections, including but not limited to the following:

  • Web hosting and domain registration for a period of two years. The domain name is decided by the company in close collaboration with SCiK.
  • Web page storage: 13 GB storage minimum
  • Integration of web analytics tools to extract data from insights and user experience.
  • Web page is equipped with accessibility tools for ease of access for children with disabilities.
  • Webpage structure as following:
  • A Home page where all the latest publications are published
  • About page providing clear information on project objectives and components.
  • Section of Child Rights where basic child-friendly information on child rights is creatively showcased, including a short history of child rights and Save the Children’s role in advancing child rights globally since its inception in 1919.
  • Section for Blog, where SCiK and partner can share news articles on child rights, engagement of children in decision-making and success stories of children from child-led groups.
  • Section of Resources where all the recent reports, data, guides, child activism resources and other information materials on child participation produced by Save the Children and other child rights agencies.
  • A Contact Us page containing SCiK address and contact details, as well as an integrated map showcasing child-led groups supported by Save the Children through its programme.

Other expected deliverables include:

  • Ensure safety of the used communication technology - going through WSS (WebSocket Secure)
  • Website languages: The website is developed in English.
  • Webpage design.The interface of the platform should be simple but smart, visually and aesthetically appealing, user-friendly, self-explanatory, easy to navigate. The web design should be responsive to render well on mobile devices.
  • Platform’s administration. It should be easily administrable. An appointed SCiK employee needs to be trained for administrating the portal after its development.
  • Ownership and management of a platform. The administrator appointed by SCiK should be able to add or change content, add or change authorized users as needed to meet operational requirements.
  • Target audience: the platform is primarily to children from child led groups supported by Save the Children, and partner organizations working in child rights.
  • All materials produced in the scope of this assignment (including images, videos, text, etc.) are copyright of SCiK. No part may be reproduced, copied, transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or graphic) without the prior written permission of SCiK.
  • Visibility. Logos of Save the Children and project donor are to be placed in the web platform
  1. Consultancy Duration and Timeframe

The required deliverable should be completed by October, 30th  2021.

  1. Qualifications required

The company must possess the following qualifications:

  • Proven experience in delivering projects in software development where the consultancy/individuals were directly responsible for development of software, software requirements specification, training and deployment.
  • Proven experience in software development using WordPress, Square Space, Wix.
  • Proven experience in installation, deployment and administration of Microsoft Windows Server platform; Internet Information Services installation and management
  • Proven Experience in developing Information Systems
  • Experience in developing multi-tier systems
  • Proven experience in developing Web Services for SOAP and REST WebAPI
  • Proven ability to document information systems, source code, writing user manuals and other technical documentation.
  • Experience in delivering complete software solutions for institutional clients and at national level
  • Proven ability in designing both dynamic and static reports in Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio including graphs.
  • Ability to deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner.
  • Significant experience with information technology including the identification and implementation of software features.
  • Ability to produce easy to understand visual presentation of data including tables and graphs.
  1. Save the Children Child Safeguarding Policy:

As a condition of entering into a consultancy agreement, the expert must sign Save the Children International Child Safeguarding Policy and abide by the terms and conditions thereof.

  1. Application

Please submit your offers by e-mail, with subject: “Child Rights Web-platform” at:

Your offer should include the following:

  • A proposal of how the plahertform will look like, presenting its features.
  • Examples of previous work of similar complicity, including at least two reference check contacts.
  • Financial Offer to carry out the assignment, not including VAT.
  • Copy of business, fiscal or V.A.T certificates for companies

Deadline for submission of your application: 05 October 2021, at 16:00 hours.

  1. Selection Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated in consideration of the evaluation criteria as stated below:

To access terms of references in Albanian and Serbian languages cltick here.

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