Software Business Analyst


Software Business Analyst


PECB is looking for two (2) Software Business Analysts to join our team in Prishtina, Kosovo. If you are an experienced and energetic individual, with great analytical and problem solving skills and someone willing to participate in the growth of one of the biggest organizations in the certification industry, we have an opportunity for you.

About PECB

We are a dynamic, multicultural, and innovative team that sees each day as a challenge and as a new opportunity to grow together with the company. We provide education and certification services to individuals on a wide range of industries and areas through professional training as well as MBA studies. We have a global network of more than 2,000 Resellers that provide our services worldwide, a network of 1,600 Trainers that teach our courses, and an alumni of more than 50,000 certified individuals. Through the years we have achieved to become one of the most credible certification bodies in the world for ISO standards by demonstrating excellence and credibility through accreditation. To improve the experience of all our network, we have developed various applications that are used globally and require inter-connectivity to ensure customer satisfaction.

Job Purpose

If you think that a Software Business Analyst is kind of a jack-of-all-trades, well, that’s partially so.

On a bigger scale, a Software Business Analyst bridges the gap between stakeholders and the development team, interpreting business requirements into understandable development tasks to match a final software product with the expected business value. Thus, if you are someone with an analytical approach to problem-solving, decision-making skills, or if you are experienced in IT and simultaneously have developed a business mindset, we encourage you to apply for this position.

Your role as a Software Business Analyst will be to analyze the existing structure of the business, its processes and determine areas in which technology or alternative solutions can add value. Software Business Analysts are expected to work together with software developers, and act as a link between business challenges and technology solutions. Analyzing and optimizing the processes and functions within the business is considered as the main responsibility of this position.

The chosen applicant should be reliable, confident and flexible to increase efficiency and quality of the Software Business Analysts’ team. The right applicant should be energetic, detail-oriented, and self-initiator. Further, the applicant should have previous work experience with teams.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Carry out comprehensive research in order to understand business needs of all departments;
  • Conduct analytical assessment of existing processes and draw conclusions and recommendations;
  • Analyze the company’s technology and make recommendations to improve usability, integration, and overall functionality;
  • Be able to present findings in a clear and concise manner and ensure that all involved parties understand insights and can put recommendations into practice;
  • Collaborate with other players in the business to establish what the requirements are and to ensure everyone within the project understands them;
  • Develop and maintain a continuous improvement culture, focusing on efficient ways of working for both current and new processes;
  • Introduce and maintain the best practices in business analytics that maximize the efficiency of the business;
  • Present the final results of the analysis in an accurate, clear and understandable manner;

Education & Language Skills Requirements:

  • University degree in Computer Science, Business, or related fields;
  • Full proficiency in English (written & verbal);
  • Certificates in computer science, business analysis, software development, or IT are preferred;
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is mandatory;
  • Knowledge of project management tools such as Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence are preferred;
  • Knowledge of BPMN modeling tools are preferred;

Professional Expertise and Key Skills:

  • At least 3 years of  work experience;
  • Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills;
  • High level of integrity to deal with confidential information;
  • Understanding of the agile development process;
  • Work under high pressure and good stress management;
  • Experience and/or understanding of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes;
  • A technical and business mindset with great attention to detail accompanied by business and IT knowledge;
  • An ability to liaise well with others and source information efficiently;
  • Ability to ask strong questions to help the team see areas that may lead to problems;
  • Familiarity with requirements techniques such as, user stories, use cases, and informal modeling;


  • Prishtina office, Republic of Kosovo

Before applying we recommend you read about our Corporate Culture to have an understanding on what kind of people are we looking for:

To apply, please submit your application before September 30, 2021, at

Resumes sent via other means will not be considered. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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