KFC Kosova
Regional Marketing Manager

Regional Marketing Manager, KFC Kosova & Macedonia - Candidate Brief

Portfolio: Strategic Sales and Marketing

A bit about KFC

We want people with amazing ideas and people who love to smile. We shouldn't need to sell it to you, but go on, you have twisted our arm…

KFC rules the roost when it comes to serving chicken. One of the world's largest food chains, the company owns and franchises more than 22,000 outlets in about 130 countries. The restaurants offer the Colonel's trademark delicious chicken along with chicken sandwiches/wraps, chicken strips and also zinger varieties. KFC is a unit of franchisor YUM! Brands, which also operates Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.


KFC Kosova was established 2 years ago and has in this short time achieved to open 9 stores, with more to come! Today, we employ over 250 bright, career-minded individuals in our restaurants across Kosova, and more than 25 in our head office. We are continuously growing nationally & internationally.

Recently, we have emerged the Macedonian market, where we operate 3 amazing stores and around 65 starling people.

We believe that working hard does make an impact and that great work should always be recognised and celebrated. We may be young, but we are very energetic and passionate about what we do!

Thus, we are on the lookout for qualified candidates who share our vision, values and commitment to our people and to our superior customer service.

What you would be doing

As Regional Marketing Manager, you will report directly to the General Manager as part of a team that includes brand growth, national & international advertising, new digital channels and customer insights as well as budgeting, forecasting and motivating.

The role has the following key areas of responsibility:

  1. Forecasting revenue growth
  2. Local Store Marketing
  3. Marketing calendar management
  4. Monitor work through KPI
  5. Work based on SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  6. Liaise with partners including our highly creative external agency
  7. Communicate effectively to execute planned and approved projects
  8. Deliver KFC RED strategy (Relevant, Easy, and Distinct)
  9. Lead a cross functional national and international team

Who we’re looking for

A person in this position should have a strong and real passion for the brand and insight in commercialism. An innovative and ground-breaking approach where you test the norm and you break through the comfort zone, but still open to experiment and learn and possibly fail but still try till you succeed in constructing a pipeline of value deals that makes it obvious that KFC is your number one choice.

You will be a leader with the possibility to grow within the business and being such you should have a powerful strength to continuously support people you work with by leading them with heart towards your vision. We are looking for an active thinker, team player and “peoples grower”.

This position also requires having the ability to “speak” in a language that is easy for the consumers to understand, by always bringing ideas that are inspired by our brand hence, a degree in business or related field is mandatory.

What we can offer you

  • Salary (negotiable)
  • Professional training
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Daily free meal at KFC (20% discount off of other purchases)
  • Free Gym membership
  • Free food in the office
  • Company car under disposal for the department available to complete tasks
  • Generous pension contribution
  • Expanded national & international career network

How to apply?

Please send your CV and an Essay with the topic “What is your proudest accomplishment?” to jobs@kfc-ks.com with the subject “Regional Marketing Manager”. The essay should not exceed 300 words. The deadline for application is 14/01/2019.


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